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Title Data is the premier Title Plant in Texas and maintains over 8 million digital copies of Starters (title insurance commitments and policies) that are fully linked to the corresponding parcel in the geographic portion of the Title Plant in its online Image Library.

Through Title Data’s Starter Share Program, Texas title agents can contribute their Starters to Title Data’s online Image Library and generate significant monthly income. In an industry first, this Closing Market integration automates the upload of new and historical commitments and policies from a RamQuest customer’s production solution to the Title Data digital Starter Library. Now, it’s easier than ever for Texas title companies to ensure their policies and commitments are readily available in the Title Data Starter Image Library for resale.

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Since 1967 Title Data has been servicing Texas title agents with the highest quality title plants that are continually refined through industry-leading technology. Today, Title Data is the third largest maintainer of traditional, thick title plants in the United States, covering approximately 21 million Texas properties. Title Data’s flagship product, TIMS®, delivers the most efficient, complete and user-friendly customer experience available today. For more information about Title Data, visit TitleData.com.

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