Why Do I Need Closing Market?

Eliminate duplicate data entry. Increase security. Improve efficiency.

What if you could eliminate phone calls, emails, couriers and overnight deliveries with a few simple mouse clicks?
What if you could accomplish the tasks involved in ordering services in a few short minutes instead of hours, days or even weeks? 
What if your title company and service partners were able to operate at maximum efficiency and have the capacity to do even more business?

Closing Market makes these "what ifs" reality through a digital environment that enables real-time, two-way communication and collaboration with your key business partners.

  • Closing Market enables you to accept title orders directly into your title production software from other title companies, from your realtor or from you mortgage lenders and brokers. And, regardless of which customer submits the order, you never have to leave your RamQuest title and escrow production solution, making your operation more efficient and effective.
  • Closing Market allows you to collaborate and communicate securely and efficiently with lenders on the Closing Disclosure Form.  Lenders never have to leave their software, you never have to leave yours.
  • Closing Market enables you to order a host of services from our large network of integrated providers including Underwriters, eRecording providers, title search partners, shipping companies and more!

Closing Market eliminates duplicate data entry, offers increased security, provides an automatic audit trail and will offer your business an overall increase in efficiency that can only be found with such a vast and diverse network of integrated partners.