Plano, TexasMay 25, 2022 – RamQuest, a leading provider of technology-based solutions for the title insurance and settlement industry, announced that its Closing Market digital network is now integrated with SIGNiX’s remote online notarization (RON) platform.  

RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is an application-to-application interface that seamlessly integrates diverse systems and enables each participant to work from their own software. SIGNiX offers Notary and digital signature services. The integration of the SIGNiX RON platform will give RamQuest customers access to a solution that allows them to transform traditional in-person notary processes into seamless, completely remote operation using audio and visual technology.

“I am very excited about the integration within RamQuest’s Closing Market and the time it will save us! RON has been a great feature to use, and the SIGNiX platform has been awesome,” said RamQuest customer Tayler Tibbetts from Empire Title & Escrow Idaho.

This new experience is secure, fast and convenient with no paper documents. Users will be able to notarize documents from anywhere at any time all while getting superior fraud protection. Plus, all of it can be accessed directly from the RamQuest solution through Closing Market.

“RamQuest is happy to be partnering with SIGNiX to provide this innovative service to our customers. We’re confident that this new experience will securely simplify the digital closing experience,” said RamQuest Vice President of Integrations Jay Gardner.

Closing Market electronically connects business partners, enabling them to order, exchange, and market products and services required in the real estate closing process. With Closing Market, RamQuest customers can easily and efficiently order products and services without leaving their RamQuest title production solutions.


About SIGNiX
SIGNiX lets RamQuest users avoid the costs, delays and risks of paper-based processes. SIGNiX brings the enhanced security and military-grade cryptography of a true digital signature to every closing. SIGNiX embeds all legal evidence directly into the digitally signed document, giving title companies and real estate professionals complete control over the legal evidence of every agreement. Visit SIGNiX.com for more information.

About RamQuest
RamQuest is a Texas-based corporation that has been serving the title industry since 1991.  As the provider of the title insurance and settlement industry’s most comprehensive production solutions, RamQuest products are currently in use for closings in all 50 states. For more information about RamQuest, visit RamQuest.com.