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With our huge network of integrated providers, Closing Market gives you quick and easy access to all of your vendors, underwriters and lenders with just a click of your mouse! Closing Market connects you to all of your business partners and is the single best way to increase efficiency, streamline communication and expedite the closing process for your title and settlement operation.

Closing Market Defined

What Is Closing Market?

Closing Market is your single best way to increase efficiency, streamline communication, expedite the closing process and gain a competitive edge - all because of a single digital connection housed within RamQuest's title and settlement solutions.

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Who's On Closing Market?

Closing Market enables real-time, two-way communication and collaboration with title search partners, closing service providers, e-recording companies, loan origination solutions, underwriters and more.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Closing Market is integrated with national residential land surveying service providers? Axis Survey Group is one of them! With the Exacta Companies, Axis Survey Group allows Closing Market users to track and retrieve surveying services in real time as well as archive past survey products in a secure database.