Plano, Texas, April 3, 2018 – RamQuest, Inc., a leading provider of title and settlement solutions for the Land Title industry, announced today that its Closing Market digital network is now integrated with CloseSimple™. RamQuest’s Closing Market digital network is an application-to-application interface that electronically connects business partners by allowing each participant to work from their own software. CloseSimple enables title and settlement agents with an easy-to-use, fully automated communication tool that triggers directly from the RamQuest Workflow.

CloseSimple helps title companies better communicate during the closing process through automated text messages, email updates, and their Pizza Tracker for Title. Using CloseSimple, title companies can customize branded messaging specific to their needs and processes, and the CloseSimple application delivers these communications as the closing process progresses, saving users up to 90 minutes per file.

“With escrow staff in eight locations, consistent, uniform communication with our clients is critical to our success,” said Eric Haas, system administrator at TitleCore National. “CloseSimple has provided us a platform to ensure delivery of that communication in a manner that comfortably fits within our process and enables us to keep buyers, sellers, agents and lenders informed and engaged throughout the life of a file.”

According to Bill Svoboda, chief executive officer at CloseSimple. “Since we chose to call ourselves CloseSimple, it had better be simple.  We handle your setup and onboarding, we design your emails, we work with you to personalize your messaging and we setup your custom Pizza Tracker for Title™ timelines. It’s all about making you look good and giving you the best possible experience from setup and onboarding, to how you use it on a daily basis.”

Closing Market is RamQuest’s digital marketplace that allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the real estate closing process without ever leaving their RamQuest title production solution. The Closing Market network allows participants to order, exchange and market products and services required in the real estate closing process.

“We’re excited to add CloseSimple to our network of Closing Market providers. This integration will help our customers in their communication efforts and save them time,” said Ben Cork, chief strategy officer at RamQuest. "This is just another way we are continuing our commitment to enable RamQuest customers to be more efficient and productive."

About RamQuest, Inc.
RamQuest, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation that has been serving the title industry since 1991.  As the provider of the Land Title industry’s most comprehensive title and settlement solutions, RamQuest products are currently in use for closings in all 50 states. For more information about RamQuest, visit www.ramquest.com.