W-Systems' Land Title CRM Solution helps you manage Orders and Relationships by putting RamQuest data at your fingertips with one easy-to-use package.

  • A Land Title CRM Built on Knowledge - Made with help from industry experts, W-Systems' Land Title CRM Solution will help you mitigate risks against your software selection, the same way you help your customers reduce risks associated with property ownership issues.
  • Built for User Adoption - Land Title Industry experts agree that users who take advantage of CRM consistently outperform those that do not. With focus on efficient information presentation and simplified navigation, W-Systems' Land Title CRM is very easy to use.
  • Industry Specific Configuration - Land Title CRM manages information related to Orders and the complex relationships with all involved parties: Buyers, Sellers, Referral Sources, Financiers, and Agents. W-Systems' solution includes customizations that enable tracking of Orders, Parties, Properties, Loans, and Interactions with everyone involved in the transaction.
  • Focus on the Big Picture with Dashboard Reporting - The dashboard reporting in the W-Systems' Land Title CRM Solution allows you to see the big picture and summarized details from both RamQuest and CRM in one location.
  • Remote Access, Anywhere and Anytime - This Land Title CRM works on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The data can be accessed from anywhere, even without an internet connection.
  • Automated Workflows to Boost User Adoption - W-Systems has mapped out the key milestones in your sales process and created automated workflows to notify your users about file openings and closings, scheduled closings, disbursement of funding, and more.

Relationship Management Integrated with RamQuest

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W-Systems delivers sales, marketing and organizational management solutions on a foundation of CRM to help customer-facing teams increase revenue and solve business problems. With over two decades of industry experience, W-Systems helps organize information, create efficient processes and measure results.

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