Skyline™ Lien Search


Skyline Lien Search ™ is 100% US-owned and operated since 2005, and boasts over 150 years of expertise in the title insurance, lien search, tax, and HOA fields.

They offer some tremendous and exclusive benefits, which you and your clients will absolutely love. From their highly successful Resolutions Department, to their third party protection plan, and much more in between.

Skyline is all about providing the best service and fastest results. Allow them the opportunity to demonstrate why they are your best option, and you'll quickly see the Skyline difference. From your very first order, and every order thereafter.

Skyline offers vast and comprehensive solutions for all of your Title Search, Municipal Lien Search, HOA Estoppel and Tax Certificate needs.

On top of their tremendous benefits, you'll have the opportunity to work with the best customer service team in the industry.

Skyline's goal is 100% satisfaction with each and every order. They don’t just look to match your expectations, they aim to surpass them.

As an added bonus, Skyline will also assign you with your very own Personal Account Concierge to assist with all of your business needs. He or she will be your focal point of contact, and someone you can count on. This is just the start of their unmatched customer service.

Skyline wants to make you feel like you are in the best hands possible. If you’re looking for value that you can count on, and a team of experts to handle such an important part of your business, then look no further. Give them a call today.




Company Overview

With over 150 years of experience, honesty, integrity and hard work lead to results that Skyline™ can be proud of every single day.

While Skyline's office is in Miami, FL, they serve all 50 states, plus US territories. 

Closing Market Integrations

States Served

Nationwide and US territories.