RealEC operates the RealEC Exchange™, the leading Electronic Partner Network (EPN) in the mortgage industry and provides partner connectivity, automated vendor management, advanced data capture and document management services to more than 2,000 mortgage originators (including 17 of the top 20) and more than 13,000 service providers.

RealEC’s services enable lenders and their business partners to electronically connect, collaborate, and automate their business processes to eliminate paper, manual processing, and other sources of friction in the origination and servicing of mortgage loans. The company's products and services are designed to automate the origination, servicing, stat using and closing of real estate transactions and enable real estate transaction participants to significantly enhance their business by increasing operational efficiencies, improving customer service and generating new sources of revenue.

* Please note, RealEC is a premium service and additional fees will apply.

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Since 1998, RealEC® Technologies, a division of Black Knight Financial Services, has provided a suite of Web-based technology solutions designed to support lenders’ loan quality programs, minimize loan repurchase risk and drive efficiencies in the mortgage transaction process. The company supports the top 100 mortgage originators and their business partner network, offering solutions in a hosted environment to deliver maximum operating leverage.

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