PropLogix offers a variety of integrated services:

Municipal Lien Searches – Proplogix checks for unrecorded liens that the title search won’t cover. Their searches include Code Enforcement Violations, Utilities, Permits, Special Assessments, and Taxes.

Association Estoppels – Association Estoppels from a HOA or COA are important for a buyer. They upfront the fees, track down associations, get all the info, and back it up with their 100% accuracy guarantee.

Land Surveys – When you request a survey, PropLogix gets to work finding you the best match in terms of quality and price, taking into account your specific needs. Then they will send you the best possible quote from our network.

Release Tracking – They will follow your payoffs after closing to ensure the corresponding satisfactions, releases, and terminations are recorded. If they aren’t, then PropLogix resolves it.

Due Diligence Made Easy. Real Property. Real Solutions.

Company Overview

PropLogix is disrupting the status quo. They are in this to help people. It all started in 2010 when PropLogix noticed huge gaps in information that was presented to buyers before they made one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Their team knows that behind every file there is a person, a family, or an investor – who depends on them to do their job right. PropLogix provides a 100% accuracy guarantee for their services. They take on the liability so you can rest easy knowing you’re protecting your client and your reputation.

They provide due diligence nationally for unrecorded debt, open permits, municipal lien searches, tax liens, land surveys, lien release tracking, association estoppels, and HOA/COA research.

Their mission is to make your life easier and to protect homebuyers. PropLogix is constantly innovating; whether it be expanding their services or their proprietary software that is now integrated with all the major title companies closing software.   

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