Pavaso is leading the charge to change the mortgage closing process. Their smart technology provides a streamlined, efficient, compliant and modern closing, giving your borrowers a closing experience they never thought possible. Pavaso's robust capabilities allow you to deliver all loan documents to borrowers prior to closing, so they have time to review all documents on their schedule, at their convenience.

Remove the stress and anxiety associated with the closing process, and instead, empower, educate and prepare your borrower. Move from the cumbersome, overwhelming, disconnected, labor-intensive, costly and time consuming closing process to a seamless, fast and compliant process today!

Pavaso Digital Close – Just Better Closings

Company Overview

Pavaso, Inc. is a DBA of Guardian Consumer Services, Inc., which was originally organized in 2014 to develop and market a consumer portal focused on a homeowner’s lifecycle of home ownership. This platform, called Pavaso, is the epicenter of a complete digital closing solution. Today, Pavaso is leading the revolution and transforming the mortgage industry with forward-thinking technology solutions in ONE modern collaborative platform.

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