Oplogic is a premier web-based Fraud Protection and Identity Authentication Solution. The incredibly easy integration of OFAC, identity, fraud protection, and verification services allows data results to conveniently post into your Closing Market interface.

  • Identity Operator - verifies all customer data fields (name, address, birthday, etc) against nearly 100 databases for possible identity theft, fraud, and OFAC.  
  • Verification Operator - offers interactive multiple choice questions that only that specific consumer could possibly answer. Identity can be confirmed with confidence. Also includes OFAC verification.

Oplogic has conclusively identified & halted

business transactions where a consumer

was perpetuating identity theft and fraud.

Company Overview

Oplogic (formerly Wilson Technologies) has been pioneering identity and fraud prevention solutions since 2000. Oplogic’s headquarters is located in Clawson, MI and serves businesses nationwide. 

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