NotaryGO has the ability to deliver a consistent signing in all 50 states, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which takes organization, planning, structure and most of all effort. The company's service is based on transparency and service concepts including: "Direct Signing", "Quality Control" and "Dedicated Support Staff".

"Direct Signing" is the backbone of the signing process at NotaryGO. Direct Signing is the process of grading, training and preparing signing agents to provide a consistent signing presentation ANYWHERE…ANY TIME. The process includes:

  • Assurances that the signing agent is present and on time at every appointment Monday - Sunday, 24 hours a day.
  • Resources for the signing agent and client to use to answer basic questions about the paperwork being signed.
  • Quality control at the signing table for specific tasks or signing needs.
  • NotaryGO makes assurances that their signing agents will not leave the table until the paperwork is signed.

Quality Control” is the key in managing the specifics of each clients’ business with thousands of signing agents nationwide. Their “Quality Control” assurance includes:

  • Collecting employee and customer feedback throughout the signing process to actively score and train each signing agent on every appointment.
  • Confirmation that specific appointment instructions are completed at the time of signing.
  • Internal review of the executed documents immediately after the signing is complete by trained and dedicated staff.

"Dedicated Support Staff" is the concept of creating customized services for each client. It is important for the staff at NotaryGO to have the same goals and culture as the client they service. Highlights include:

  • Procedures and processes built specifically to your needs.
  • Regular performance monitoring that includes scheduled client meetings.
  • Dedicated employees, phone lines and email addresses specific to you.

Technology: NotaryGO utilizes the latest technology to provide real-time communication and reliable secure data management incorporated within their proprietary "PushNet" software. Other technology highlights are:

  • API/WebServices/WCF integration capable stream-line communication and data processing.
  • Co-location and Datacenter technical architecture with fibre MPLS connections for operation scalability.
  • In-house technical and engineering department to provide timely software solutions to meet your wants and needs.
  • A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan.  

Security: NotaryGO's technical resources are housed in a Tier 1 Datacenter where all the best practices are observed to keep NotaryGO and your information secure, safe and available 24/7/365. Other security features include: 

  • Around the clock data/physical monitoring of our technical facility.
  • Early intrusion detection using network perimeter appliance.
  • Closely monitored data chain of custody.
  • TLS and SSL encryption for email and website API communication.
  • Secure Document File Management
  • 100% background checked employees and signing agents.
  • Compliance - Verified and cataloged signing agent licensing 


Company Overview

NotaryGO is the leader in supporting the mortgage, banking and title industries with their signing service needs. NotaryGO is owned and operated by Jeff Stone who has been in the signing service business since 1986. During that time, Jeff and the NotaryGO management team have been involved in over 2.5 million signing appointments. Utilizing just over 71,000 qualified signing agents, NotaryGO is able to handle ANY SIGNING…ANYWHERE. In order to work as a partner with the biggest and the best, NotaryGO has a dedication to service, technology and security!

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