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agentTRAX is FNF Family of Companies online tool to generate policy jackets and Closing Protection letters.

If enabled, the auto reporting feature will allow for the gross premiums associated to generated policies to be reported to FNF Family of Companies agency accounting department on behalf of the issuing agent. This removes the need to create separate remittance reports.

Key Benefits of Service(s):

  • Allows for the creation of electronic policy jackets and Closing Protection letters
  • Auto reports gross premium due in connection with issued jackets to FNF Family of Companies agency accounting department if applicable
  • Uses transaction data already existing in your orders to reduce the amount of data to enter
  • Stores the created jacket and/or letter in your order for future reference/reprints

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FNF Family of Companies agentTRAX integration

Company Overview

FNF Family of Companies is currently ranked number 316 on Fortune’s list of America’s Largest Companies and through its subsidiary companies and other investments is the leading provider of title insurance, mortgage services, and diversified services.

FNF Family of Companies core business revolves around title insurance. FNF Family of Companies is the largest and most profitable title insurance company in the country, and generates approximately 5 billion in annual revenue from its title related operations. With a rich history in this highly regulated industry, the company owns the nation’s most well respected title underwriters, and several top name title brands. Many of these businesses have histories that date back to the late 1800s and the origins of the title insurance industry. Title insurance has been and will be the lifeblood of the company as it find ways to grow and extend the services industry needs.

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