eRecording Partners Network (ePN)


ePN eRecording services accelerate document recording, significantly reducing costs associated with traditional submission and recording methods while improving client service levels dramatically.  

ePN’s service offers complete document tracking, secure processing, no annual fees, no set up fees and many other benefits to submitting agents.  The company's solution requires less key strokes when submitting documents for recording, provides reporting for collected fees versus actual fees, and has event status messaging to improve workflow.

The eRecording partner of choice for closing agents,

lenders, law offices, and other submitters

Company Overview

ePN has built a network of hundreds of counties located across the country to receive electronic recordings. With a business strategy based on technology leadership, competitive pricing and outstanding customer support, ePN has quickly become the eRecording partner of choice for a growing number of closing agents, lenders, law offices, and other submitters.

As an active industry partner, ePN is an American Land Title Association (ALTA) Elite Provider.

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