Closinglock is modernizing the real estate world’s way of transferring information to eliminate wire fraud and protects buyers, lenders, agents and closing companies from loss. Closinglock’s core feature is a secure portal for your clients to effortlessly retrieve wire transfer instructions. The portal is accessible from all platforms and on all operating systems – your clients can easily download wire instructions anytime, anywhere.

Through Closinglock, you can also send and receive documents with your clients (buyers/sellers/lenders/agents), and receive signatures via Closinglock’s eSigning integration. ClosingLock sends automated text/call notifications to your clients, on your behalf, alerting them of available wire instructions, documents to sign, etc. All wire instructions and documents in Closinglock’s portal are encrypted using the latest AES encryption (approved by the NSA). Closinglock also offers optional two-factor authentication for clients logging in, which prevents unauthorized access.

The RamQuest integration eliminates duplicate data entry, which saves time when entering client information. The integration also imports documents from RamQuest into Closinglock for simple document sharing.

By using Closinglock, you ensure you will never have to send wire instructions via email, and so your clients know to never trust any fraudulent wire instructions.


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Located in Austin, TX, Closinglock was founded in February 2017 by Andy White and Abigail White. In 2018, ClosingLock protected more than $6.3 billion in real estate transactions across all 50 states and 28 countries.

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