CloseSimple helps you automate communication with Consumers, Realtors & Lenders with Proactive Text Message Updates, Custom-Branded Email, the Pizza Tracker for Title™ visual timeline and the Client-Facing Portal. 

Featuring The Pizza Tracker for Title™ 

Company Overview

CloseSimple™, located in Minneapolis, MN launched its first product in 2013 after working for two years on a platform to help real estate agents communicate during the home buying/selling process. One year later, CloseSimple’s first customer, the #1 RE/MAX franchise in the world at the time, looked at CloseSimple’s communication software and said it might be better suited for their affiliated title company. In 2014, CloseSimple™ was re-released to help title companies communicate better during the closing process, and has helped provide a great customer experience to tens of thousands of realtors, lenders, and consumers since.

States Served