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Charles Jones LLC’s wide range of products assist the title, legal and lending markets with due diligence and compliance solutions. Charles Jones offers many certified products to give clients peace of mind at the closing table.

  • Certified NJ Judgment Lien Search - A judgment search or judgment lien search (i.e., Upper Court Judgment Search) in New Jersey consists of a certified search of judgments, liens and bankruptcies filed in the NJ Superior Court, the U.S. District Court for NJ and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for NJ. A judgment search also includes a search of child support judgments filed in New Jersey and CERCLA liens (also known as "Superfund" liens).
  • Certified Patriot Name Search - The Charles Jones Patriot Name Search is a certified search of lists published by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of Treasury (“OFAC”), consisting of the "Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons", the “Foreign Sanctions Evaders” and the comprehensive “Consolidated List.”
  • Certified NJ Tax and Assessment Search - In 1985, Charles Jones offered the first privately produced New Jersey Tax Search. Searches include lienable public utility information. More than 25 years of NJ Tax Search experience is at your fingertips with our Tax and Assessment Search. New Jersey searches are easy to read and generated in your choice of formats. Automation and work by experienced professionals allows for delivery of a fast, concise, comprehensive, high-quality certified search.
  • Certified PA Tax and Utility Certification - Charles Jones has been providing tax certifications in Pennsylvania since 1996 that contain all lienable information, including public utility and lien letter content. Because of their experience in Pennsylvania Tax Certifications, Charles Jones takes the guesswork out of searching with a network of experienced searchers, certified results and consistent formatting.
  • Certified Flood Hazard Search - A flood search is a determination of whether all or a portion of a designated property is located in a special or moderate flood hazard area (i.e., a 100- or 500-year flood zone) based upon the Flood Insurance Rate Maps issued by the FEMA for the sole purpose of complying with the Flood Disaster Protection Act. (Standard flood hazard searches and certifications are not intended as an opinion as to the likelihood of flooding for a particular property). A Charles Jones Flood Search certification contains (and has for many years) all of the information required for compliance with federal regulations.
  • County Search Services - We offer county Search Services for all 21 counties in New Jersey. Plus, with the development of DTS Title Plants in numerous counties throughout New Jersey, our County Search Services give you extra power. Charles Jones uses experienced searchers, plus the power of the Title Plant to expedite completion of your county searches. Because many searches can be completed using the plants, we are not limited by the hours of county record rooms. Seasoned, professional searchers execute your orders, and you receive clear, detailed, type-written title reports quickly. Searches include a search of the index of county land records from the date that the current title holder(s) acquired the property through the present board date. Primary types include: Present Owner, Full Searches, Foreclosure and Commercial. Projects of any size can be completed in a timely, predictable and professional manner with just one place to call with your questions.
  • Corporate and UCC Services - Corporate Services Solutions are available online in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Status Report (New Jersey and Pennsylvania) - You will receive a report that supplies the information you need about a corporation such as: date of formation, name of the registered agent, registered office of the entity and the status (active, dissolved, revoked) of the entity, and principal office address if any. Typical turnaround time: Within 24 hours.Franchise Tax/Corporate Tax Lien Report (New Jersey) Need to know if tax has been paid by a business to the State of NJ for the right to conduct business? You can find out through the Charles Jones Franchise Tax Search. All domestic or foreign corporations transacting business in New Jersey are subject to the payment of franchise taxes.
    • Unpaid franchise taxes constitute a lien on all of the corporation's property for a period of ten years, which is computed from the first day of the year in which the tax is due and payable. However, the lien is imposed on the first day of the year following the year in which the tax is due. Typical state turnaround time: Once you enter your order, we send it directly to the State Tax Department for completion. Typical state turnaround 6-8 weeks.
    • Franchise Tax/Corporate Tax Lien Report (Pennsylvania) - A report detailing Corporate Tax Status from the Division of Revenue in Pennsylvania to advise if there are any Franchise Tax Liens filed or any Franchise Taxes due.


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