CertifID protects you, your company and your customers from wire fraud. This easy to use solution allows you to validate customers identities, securely share wiring information, and guarantee each transfer up to $1 Million.

Through this Closing Market integration, RamQuest customers are able to seamlessly launch CertifID by simply selecting any order they would like to have guaranteed. You can use it to securely send your wiring instructions to any party listed on that order or to confirm wiring instructions when you need to disburse funds. Once the request is placed via CertifID the system does the rest to validate your customer, secure the safe transfer of information and protect the transaction.

Start using CertifID today to provide your company and customers with the money transfer protection they deserve.

CertifID guarantees the safe transfer of money

Company Overview

CertifID guarantees the safe transfer of money. By leveraging industry leading security practices and real-time identity verification CertifID is able to guarantee every transaction up to $1,000,000 against fraud. The company protects over $1 Billion in wire transactions every month, nationwide. CertifID was founded in 2017 by Tom Cronkright, Tyler Adams, and Lawrence Duthler.

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