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The Fund's Title Information Quality and Service Guarantee is our promise to you that you'll receive a reliable product, free of errors and in a timely fashion directly back to you through Closing Market for integration into your office products.

You can also generate CPL's and Policy Jackets from The Fund through Closing Market. Once a Closing Protection Letter is generated, or a Policy Jacket is requested, it will be available in FileScan. Using these features makes doing business with The Fund simple.

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Always Driven℠ is a commitment that everyone at The Fund has for its Members. It's the type of commitment that didn't start yesterday; The Fund has spent more than a half century supporting and promoting the success of attorneys' real estate practices by providing valuable, relevant, and timely information. This drive has propelled the Fund to create innovative products and services that allow attorneys to conduct residential and commercial transactions easily and efficiently. The Fund knows what attorneys need and have created a strong technology base and educational support environment to enhance knowledge and sharpen competitive edge.

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