Areal.ai is a no-code automation platform for the title and mortgage ecosystem that makes it easy to reliably extract data from complex documents and integrate data with existing tools and workflows. Its goal is to provide end to end document automation and integration in order to save clients resources, time and money as they work through the filing process

Areal.ai is a turnkey solution with industry specific document understanding for over 1,300 document types, data extraction and workflow features that enables businesses in the title and lending verticals to eliminate the need for manual document processing, accelerate their response times and exponentially scale their business capacity.

AREAL's Rapid Order solution, which gives mortgage, escrow, and title employees the ability to automatically create title and escrow orders in RamQuest by simply emailing purchase contracts, refinance or purchase order forms to AREAL’s customer specific email domain.

AREAL's Rapid Settlement for Escrow Documents solution which gives title and escrow agents the ability to automatically verify the completeness of all buyer, seller, lender and notary documents within large documents and ensure that all documents are properly collected and executed. AREAL is fully integrated with RamQuest via Closing Market which allow processors to easily submit documents to AREAL for processing without leaving RamQuest.

AREAL's Automated CD Balancer utilizes AI to reduce the time spent uploading, balancing and verifying information on the Closing Disclosure Form. AREAL uses its integration with RamQuest to extract data, process Closing Disclosure Forms and balance fees. Once a form is balanced, an auto-generated report is delivered for review.


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Areal.ai is based in Los Angeles, California, and has been serving customers nationwide since 2020.

Leadership: Argun Kilic, CEO/Founder; Kagan Unaldi, CTO

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