RamQuest, Inc., the leading provider of business solutions for the land title industry, announced today that has been promoted to the Select Alliance level within the UPS Ready® partner program.  At the Select Alliance level, RamQuest joins a small group of companies held to specific standards for maintaining compliance, delivering products and services and doing business in a collaborative manner.

RamQuest's Total Solution provides title companies with a comprehensive suite of tools for managing the title insurance process including order processing, commitment, escrow accounting and HUD generation with its Complete Closing Enterprise.  RamQuest's Closing Market network enables title companies to electronically connect to brokers, lenders, service providers, underwriters and other title companies making it easier to do business and eliminate costs by containing the process to a single electronic system and significantly reducing cycle time from order receipt to completion.

As a UPS Ready Select Alliance, RamQuest's goal is to deliver the best possible integration between UPS shipping and logistics services and the company's Complete Closing Enterprise through the Closing Market digital network. "The RamQuest Total Solution is the leading title and settlement software platform being used by title agents nationwide," notes Brooks Yeager, director of internet services for RamQuest. "For these title companies, being able to integrate directly with UPS enables significant efficiency, furthering the competitive advantage they gain as a RamQuest customer."

About RamQuest, Inc.

RamQuest, Inc., a Texas-based corporation founded in 1991, is the premier provider of business solutions for the Land Title Industry. The Company's software products are currently in use for title closings in all 50 states. RamQuest's Total Solution provides a complete set of tools to facilitate and automate much of the work performed by title and settlement companies.  For more information about RamQuest, visit RamQuest.com.